Mitchell's 5th Birthday

Mitchell's 5th Birthday

Mitchell's 4th Birthday

Mitchell's 4th Birthday
February 2011
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Nov 2010

Mitchell's 3rd Birthday

Mitchell's 3rd Birthday
Feb 2010

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mitchell Barclay Hatfield: February 20, 2007 - September 2, 2012

Mitchell Barclay Hatfield came into this world on February 20, 2007.  The pediatrician from the first called him "stubborn," which although initially made his mommy mad, in retrospect is very true and a gift.  He knew his mission and that he didn't have long to complete it.  He was always a very funny, playful little boy who liked attention and to be in the action of things.  Life for him changed suddenly in April of 2010 when his first symptom--a droopy, non-tracking right eye occurred.  Yet, he was still able to run and play until November of 2010 when he suddenly awoke unable to walk.  He was then diagnosed with a brainstem glioma and endured 15 months of treatments.  Every doctor and nurse he came in contact with were immediately drawn to his sense of humor, smile, and playful warmth.  Wherever we would go, he'd say, "Hi, I'm Mitchell!" and proceed to divulge every detail he had.  He loved his brother Jackson and sister Eden very much.  He and his brother would often be found sharing the same bed and staying up late talking.  Of his sister, he often commented, "Isn't Eden beautiful?"  The love was and is mutual.  His mommy always knew he was special and laughed at his antics.  His dad was and is his best buddy, "No matter what...we just are."  Although we are sad that today, Sunday, September 2nd he left our earthly home, we are so grateful for the knowledge that we will be together again.  Mitchell was just too good for this world and came to bless our lives and those of all those who met him.  We love you always and forever Mitchell!  We will miss you; until we meet again!


Kellie said...

You are an amazing woman of God and Through reading this give me inspiration that the Gospel is true.

Kellie said...

You are an amazing woman of God and Through reading this give me inspiration that the Gospel is true.

Erickson Family said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful tribute. Your faith and trust in the Lord is inspiring to us and we daily keep you in our prayers. Little Mitchell left an impression in our lives that will always be remembered. We are glad that he longer has to suffer with illness, but we too will miss him dearly.

Ditto Family said...

What an amazing tribute for a pretty amazing little guy! We've watched your family from a distance and have been admiring you for years. When I think of Mitchell my thought immediately go to story times and playgroups when I would see him running and playing with his cousins. He is now running into Heavenly Father's arms! We continue to pray for comfort for your family!

Russell and Jillian said...

I just spoke about your strength in my testimony in church yesterday. Had no idea it was the day he would pass. I send you and your family my love and support and hope that angels will guide you through this time just as surely as they guided Mitchell home. -Jillian

Monica said...

I read about your beautiful son on another blog, and wanted to offer my deepest condolences. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Amber said...

We will be sure to share Mitchell's smile on the 15th. May the Lord be with you and bless your beautiful family. What an inspiration you are to me as I have read your posts. Your positivity through this whole process and your determination to be grateful are truly inspiring. Love you.

Simply, Sarah said...

I am so sorry to read this, and admire your testimony of eternal families.

Heather Adams said...

we are deeply saddened to hear of Mitchell's passing. We thank you for your courage even when you probably feel like you are not all that brave. Your family has been in our prayers for months, that will continue. Please let us know if we can be of any help.

Much love
The Adams Family

Lamont and Melissa Larsen said...

My heart aches for your family as I hear of your loss. Thank you for your example of strength and your testimony. What an amazing little boy Mitchell is - we are looking forward to participating in his day of service.

Chris and Michelle said...

What a beautiful little angel you have! I am so very sorry for your loss. I heard about your sweet son in sacrament meeting (in UT)on Sunday as a ward member bore her testimony and briefly included your struggle. (A friend of hers had given her your blog address and she was touched by your story).I was intrigued especially because our sweet little four year old nephew also passed of a brainstem glioma several months ago in Texas. Their blog is if you are interested. I don't know if that is helpful in knowing you are not alone, but I felt I should google your blog and share their link. These are such special kids with very special parents. My deepest condolences to you. I hope and pray that you can feel of our Savior's love & comfort poured upon you during this difficult time.

Kara said...

Amy, I'm so sorry to hear about your family's loss. Our prayers are with you. May you let the One who "surely... has borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows" cradle your hearts as I know He tenderly will. What a precious boy you had and what a privilege you must have felt to be his mother. Hugs!