Mitchell's 5th Birthday

Mitchell's 5th Birthday

Mitchell's 4th Birthday

Mitchell's 4th Birthday
February 2011
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Nov 2010

Mitchell's 3rd Birthday

Mitchell's 3rd Birthday
Feb 2010

Monday, March 21, 2011

From the mouth of Mitch

Mitchell has been very sweet--as usual--and keeps telling us "I love you" throughout the day. Today as we were bathing Eden we had the following conversation:

Mitch:"I love you mommy."
Me: "Oh, I love you too. You're such a good boy. You must have been a very good boy in Heaven because you're so obedient."
Mitch: "I don't want to live with Heavenly Father."
Me: "How come?"
Mitch: "Because I want to stay here and live with you."
Me: "You're so sweet. That's what I want too."
Mitch:" I love Heavenly Father though. And I love Jesus--he helps us--but I want to stay here and live with you and daddy."

Does he know? Does he get a vote in all of this? I need this angel here with me. What a blessing he is in my life!


Emily and Jordan said...

Amy, you are such an example to me! Everytime I read your blog, you inspire me, and make me want to become better! Thank you so much for staying so close to the Savior, and for being an amazing example to our family! I sure love you, and know you are in my prayers!

Mary said...

Okay, that totally made me cry.

Hawkins Family said...

He is such a sweet little guy! I hope you are all doing well. I think of you often!