Mitchell's 5th Birthday

Mitchell's 5th Birthday

Mitchell's 4th Birthday

Mitchell's 4th Birthday
February 2011
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Nov 2010

Mitchell's 3rd Birthday

Mitchell's 3rd Birthday
Feb 2010

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MRI Results

We received a miracle yesterday. Mitchell's tumor shrunk approx. 4-4.5 mm or almost 1/2 centimeter. His tumor was about 25 mm before, so that is pretty awesome--almost 1/5 of it's size! The doctors were not overly excited about the amount of shrinkage or anything, but did say it is great that it shrunk. It doesn't necessarily correlate to any long-term results, but at least it didn't grow.

After Mitchell was returned to us post-MRI (before the results), we were getting him adjusted and working with his port-a-cath tubes, etc. A flood of memories from the past several months flashed through my mind, and immediately the poem "Footprints" came to mind (you know, the one where the Lord carries the person so there's only one set of footprints). We really have been through the ringer. There were some really hard moments--there still are--but looking back it all seems not that difficult, almost like there should be more. This is a painful trial, but I testify that the Lord carries us if we let Him.

I read Bishop Edgley's conference talk again (I quoted him last post), and there was another part that struck me:

"And because of my faith--even in the seemingly worst of times--I recognize with peace and gratitude that in reality it is the best of times."

That sums up where I'm at right now. I know there will continue to be hard moments through this trial, but as I exercise faith I know the Lord is blessing me with comfort, a strengthened testimony, and an increased appreciation for motherhood's sacred role. Through the tremendous sorrow are we able to feel overwhelming joy, which is a major part of our experience on Earth.

Thank you, THANK YOU for all of the fasting and prayers. You never know how much it means to do this for someone else until you've been on the receiving end. We are humbled by those who so selflessly serve us in many ways. And again, we are so grateful our Father in Heaven has given us this boost to keep moving forward.


dani and fam said...

That is great news! We'll keep praying for more good results :)

Heather Adams said...


We are so grateful to hear such positive MRI results. Just wanted you to know of our love and concern.

Mara's family

Maegan said...

WOW! Hooray for such great news. I think it's a good thing you have a network of friends to celebrate b/c the dr didn't seem to be cutting it with the happiness/ miracle appreciation.
Cute birthday party pics. Happy days for your family!