Mitchell's 5th Birthday

Mitchell's 5th Birthday

Mitchell's 4th Birthday

Mitchell's 4th Birthday
February 2011
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Nov 2010

Mitchell's 3rd Birthday

Mitchell's 3rd Birthday
Feb 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec 7, 2010 AM

Well, I tried to upload yesterday, but the Internet at Ronald McDonald stinks, so it never happened. Too bad because today was an extra crappy day and I can't put a happy face on at this moment (give me some sleep and maybe the sun will come out tomorrow).

We did our first dose of radiation this morning, which was nerve wracking in itself. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse for our little guy, it did. He's been leaking fluid from his incision the past couple of days, so we asked about that at his appt today and they called neurosurgery who told us to come in right away. Before I get to the climax, I thought I'd mention the poor guy had three accidents today, which never happens and he didn't notice/tell us. Anyhow, after labs, CT scan, etc the drs decided he has hydrocephalus and is leaking spinal fluid. Short story is he was rushed into neurosurgery to get a temporary shunt installed so they can monitor the fluid ensuring it's not infected. If that's clear, he'll get a permanent one installed Thursday. He fasted for 27 hours without much complaint. He asked if he could have anything at all after his procedure, and Chad hesitatingly answered, "Yes," thinking he'd ask for a dog. Mitch had him promise before asking for a yogurt. Funny kid.

My sweet mother hopped on a plane within an hour and is here to help for a while. Radiation & chemo are temporarily postponed. I hate so much that I have to ask my sweet THREE year old boy to endure so much; it's too much. Yet, through it all he can still smile and laugh--albeit less often and in pain--so I guess I can too. He has won the hearts of all he comes in contact with and has many cheerleaders and advocates here too. We just keep going forward faithfully, believing God has a purpose for us and this beautiful little boy. Mitchell's body may be weak, but his spirit is so strong, and I believe it can win out.

Some of the info I tried to post yesterday:

My sis-in-law made a blog with these posts for those who don't have Facebook.

Our address is:
5130 40th Ave N.E. RM#388
Seattle, WA 98105

Thanks again for all your support. You never know what it means until you go through something like this. Many have asked what they can do for us, and I ask you to do a service for someone else in honor of Mitchell. We've been so blessed and want to pay it forward. We'll keep you posted on our end. Thanks in advance for prayers.

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